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Gu Ailing's name is one of the most talked about names at this year's Winter Olympics. she wasBorn and raised in the United States, her mother is Chinese. From 2017 to 18, she also represented the U.S. national team in adult competitions, but in 2019, she announced to represent China and participated in the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games, winning 2 gold medals for China 1 silver.

On the morning of February 2022, 2, she won the first Winter Olympics gold medal in the history of this event in the Beijing Winter Olympics freestyle skiing women's big jump competition.Won the third gold medal for China.

As early as before the Winter Olympics, many brands have already paid attention to this Chinese-American mixed-race girl who is cheerful, fluent in Chinese, has a good face, a Stanford student, a fashion model and many other halos and labels.27 brand endorsements, Including LV,Estee Lauder,Faction Skis, etc.

Gu Ailing LV

Gu Ailing LV


Gu Ailing's interview in February 2021:


Gu Ailing | Ailing Eileen Gu Introduction:

Nick name:

Her 130 million followers on Weibo are nicknamed "Snow Princess".


Skilled pianist.Likes to hang out with her friends.She admits that she is also a food connoisseur.


Graduated from University of San Francisco High School in three years.

Entering Stanford University (USA) in 2022


English, Mandarin

Other sports:

Athletics: Was a member of her high school track team and finished second in the state championships. 

Gu Ailing

Sports Injury Experience:

2021: She falls on the rails while training post-X Games with a fractured thumb (metacarpal) and a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).Surgery has been delayed due to Covid-19 and all activities are scheduled back to back.Custom hard castings were used for the World Championships, which meant a grip was out of the question.Having won three medals without using a pole for the first time in her career (requires racing to gain experience, points and rankings), "I kind of need to do that now, especially on the eve of the Olympics. I'll just Wait until the end of the season, then recover by the end of the year." Surgery in April 2021 followed by six weeks of recovery.

Broken Hand: Refusing to put a doctor in a cast because she is taking pictures for SuperElle (China). 

Gu Ailing

Reasons to start exercising:

Started skiing at Northstar in Tahoe, California, USA at the age of 8, with her mom during weekend trips when she was drawn to snowboarding. At age 9, she won the women's championship at the U.S. National Ski Championships.Represented the United States in international competitions from the 2017/18 season. In September 2019, she competed in her first Snowboard Halfpipe World Cup and finished second.


Freestyle skier Bobby Brown (USA): Three-time Winter X Games champion.She first met him when she was nine and he signed a poster for her. 

Her mother: taught her about ambition and work ethic. 

Her grandmother: Guo Zhensen, 85, instilled in her the energy and drive to "do your best" from an early age.Her mother and grandmother were "two of the biggest influences on my life so far.


"Live for yourself because no one is living for you."

Gu Ailing mentioned in an exclusive interview, "Excellent results are only part of the process, not the end, even in the Winter Olympics. It doesn't mean that I am working hard now, but 2022 will be the end. What I like is skiing, not exactly competition. I I like to compete, but the most important thing is to challenge myself and do well, and the results will come naturally.”

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