[Hot topic] This is how the artistic temperament on the fingertips is cultivated!

"Look at the words to know the person", and a good handwriting will really leave a good impression on people and improve their favorability.Learning calligraphy has its benefits. In recent years, many parents have exposed their children to the art of calligraphy.



increase education

Calligraphy is an art in itself.When copying or writing, it is necessary to learn and understand the history and background of predecessors' calligraphy works, so as to know the meaning between the lines and write the artistic conception.Therefore, while learning calligraphy, you are also learning cultural and historical knowledge, increasing your personal education and improving your temperament.

Cultivating temperament

The process of learning calligraphy can train children's patience and regulate their emotions.Children are full of energy and love to run and jump, while calligraphy is a static activity that requires calmness, care and patience when writing.Therefore, practicing calligraphy can train children's patience and cultivate their temperament.

Adjust your sitting posture

The spine is the main supporting tissue of the body. It cooperates with cartilage discs, ligaments and muscles to allow the body to flexibly perform various movements and postures.Important Stages of Bone Growth During childhood and adolescence, good walking and sitting postures are maintained from an early age to maintain a healthy spine.

Sitting posture is an important part. At the beginning of learning calligraphy, it is the sitting posture and the way of holding the pen. The writing posture that is crooked will lead to problems such as curvature of the spine and hunchback in the long run.The sitting posture of writing calligraphy requires the head is straight, the body is straight, the arms are open, and the feet are safe. Learning a good writing posture can help your health while writing beautiful characters.



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