[A good place for Christmas]-Parents and children must go to check-in mall theme activities during Christmas

Introduce you to many good places and pictures for this year's Christmas for parents and children. Let’s take a closer look at Christmas and play with the kids!

Think of a Christmas that is both happy and festive, so don’t miss it and watch it!

Cityplaza-Disney's "Monsters Company" themed large-scale installation

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the release of the Disney and Pith classic animation "Monsters Company", Cityplaza specially teamed up with "Monsters Company" to launch the "Merry GIFTmas @Cityplaza" Christmas theme event.The atrium and middle bridge on the second floor of the mall will be turned into a large-scale installation with the theme of "Monster Company", restoring scenes that appeared in multiple animations. The adults will join the "Monster Company" together and become gift delivery personnel.

Merry GIFTMAS @Cityplaza

Address: Cityplaza 2/F Atrium and Middle Bridge 



MegaBox and Harry Potter Christmas Event 

MegaBox specially teamed up with Harry Potter to launch the Christmas "Harry Potter Christmas In The Wizarding World at MegaBox" celebration event!During the event, the mall will present 6 classic scenes including the Hogwarts Express!

In the same scene, the "Sanko's Prank Shop" that specializes in selling magic materials for pranks, the trick-or-treating candy shop "Honey Duke Candy Shop" and "Owl Post Office" are also restored simultaneously in the same scene!The mall will have a dream snow show every time it is punctual, with a 20-foot-tall Christmas tree, and the whole family will enjoy the same photo.


Harry Potter Christmas In The Wizarding World at MegaBox


Location: MegaBox G Atrium, L9 Exhibition Hall


Citywalk Snow Fantasy Kingdom 

Citywalk will host the "Snowy Wonderland" check-in event from November 11th to January 16nd, 2022, with Disney's animation work "Frozen" as the theme. Specially set up ice castles, crystal gardens, and even the latest floats. Snow effect, full of Christmas atmosphere, the most dramatic.

Citywalk Citywalk "Snowy Wonderland" 


Time: 10 am to 10 pm 

Location: Citywalk Phase 1 and Phase 2 


New Century Plaza Miffy Nordic Winter Snow Park

MOKO New Century Plaza uses the "miffy Nordic Winter Snow Art Village" as the Christmas theme installation, which permeates the sense of art and the atmosphere of snake and winter. The 3-meter-high miffy in the atrium is definitely unveiled.Check-in spots include Uncle Pilot hot-air balloon check-in spots, Melanie train station benches, etc., together with the various Nordic art sceneries in the venue, it is like walking into the childlike world of Miffy!

"Miffy Nordic Winter Snow Art Village" 

Address: Atrium, L1 and L4 floors of New Century Plaza, MOKO, Mong Kok (display map) 


Time: 10:00am-10:00pm

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