【Hot Topics】How is the Lunar New Year? 5 customs you need to know!

In the blink of an eye, it is the Lunar New Year. This is a festival that everyone attaches great importance to. The festive atmosphere is strong and full of joy and joy.Or you will tell the story of the "Nian Beast" to your children, but do you know some traditional Chinese New Year customs?Five Chinese New Year customs you need to know!

New Year's Eve

On this day, everyone has to clean up, clean the home, and sort out some dirt and old things.After cleaning, decorate and decorate the home for the New Year, such as sticking Spring Festival, New Year's ornaments, placing New Year's flowers, etc.

Chinese New Year Customs


New Year's Eating Rice Cake

During the New Year, everyone will buy new clothes, buy New Year gifts and food.

During the New Year, "full boxes" will be placed at home, and some delicious food, including candy and melon seeds, will be placed in the house, which means sweet and sweet, "sweet silver" and many seeds.In the New Year, eating rice cakes and carrot cakes symbolizes the rise of "high" and hope for good luck in the coming year.

Chinese New Year Customs


New Year's Eve

You must have heard the phrase "going to the flower market for the great luck". The New Year's Eve market sells all kinds of New Year's flowers and oranges that symbolize auspiciousness, which means "flowers bloom and wealth".

Chinese New Year Customs


New Year's Eve Reunion

At the end of the year, I hope that the family will be reunited and safe.On New Year's Eve, we will gather with our families to enjoy a sumptuous reunion dinner.

Chinese New Year Customs


There are many taboos on the first day of the new year

Elders often say that you can't sweep the floor on the first day of the new year, because the broom will sweep away luck and ruin your fortune.And don't break things, there is a sign of bankruptcy, if you really break things, you have to say auspiciously "landing and flowering, wealth and glory".

Chinese New Year Customs

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