【Education Hot Talk】Environmental Education DIY Christmas Countdown Calendar Adds Atmosphere

Make your own Christmas Advent Calendar, which is very popular in recent years. Just glue the toilet paper tube to the cardboard, fill it with your favorite small gifts, and seal it with colored paper. It’s simple, easy to make and environmentally friendly, and teaches children a life experience. The concept of environmental protection can also allow them to develop their creativity. Children will receive a small gift every day when they open it, and happily welcome Christmas.


Christmas Countdown Calendar

Tools and materials:

24 toilet paper tubes

Colored paper/Colored paper

White glue

2 sheets of cardboard

small gift

Production process:

First, seal the bottom of the 24 toilet paper tubes with colored paper. After putting in a small gift, seal the other side. Note that the colored paper should not be too thick, otherwise it will be difficult for children to poke open with their fingers;

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Ask the children to write Arabic numerals from 1 to 24 on one of the envelopes;

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Fold up 24 toilet paper tubes on the thick cardboard, with the bottom width narrower, and then glued and fixed with white glue;

Christmas Countdown Calendar
The back and bottom should also be sealed and pasted with a thick cardboard;

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Finally, it is finished as a Christmas tree.


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