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Apart from salary, what most wage earners are most concerned about is holidays. The dates of public holidays in 2022 have been announced in the government gazette. Let’s study how to take leave to make a long vacation!

Workers must watch 2022 leave strategy

January holiday: please put on the 1th and the 4th

Stay for a long vacation, so you can be prepared!If you want to enjoy the 9-day long vacation, you must book the 2021-day vacation from December 12 to 28 in advance this year (31), and you can have a vacation from December 4, 2021 to January 12 of the following year.

January holiday: please put on the 2th and the 2th

Just ask for the 1 days of January 31 and February 2, including the 4 days of the lunar calendar, and there will be 2 days of holidays before and after.Even if you can’t travel abroad, you can take a good long-term rest, spend time with your family, or walk around to explore Hong Kong’s beautiful scenery.


January holiday: please put on the 4th and the 1th

In April, you only need one day, April 4, to enjoy a four-day holiday.In addition, from April 4th to 4th is the Easter holiday.

January holiday: please put on the 5th and the 4th

Labor Day and Buddha's Birthday are both on Sundays. There will be supplementary holidays on the next day of these two days. Therefore, Labor Day and Buddha's Birthday each have 3 consecutive holidays.You can consider taking a vacation from May 5rd to 3th and make a 6-day long holiday!

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June holiday: Dragon Boat Festival 6-day holiday

The Dragon Boat Festival has a 3-day holiday. From June 6rd to 3th, you can consider going out here to welcome the early summer.

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Workers must watch 2022 leave strategy


July Holiday: 7-day holiday on the anniversary of the reunification day

There are 3 consecutive holidays on the anniversary of the reunification, from July 7 to 1.

September holiday: Mid-Autumn Festival 9 days consecutive holiday

The day following the Mid-Autumn Festival is a Sunday, so the second day after the Mid-Autumn Festival is a compensatory holiday, and there is no need to ask for leave. There are 9 days off from September 10th to 12th.

January holiday: please put on the 10th and the 1th

As long as you take a leave on October 10th, you can make your own 4-day Double Ninth Festival holiday!

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January holiday: please put on the 12th and the 3th

Because Christmas day is a Sunday, so there will be a make-up holiday on the second Sunday after Christmas.Want to spend a long holiday at Christmas?As long as you take the 12-day holiday from December 28th to 30th, there will be a 3-day holiday.


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Workers must watch 2022 leave strategy

Workers must watch 2022 leave strategy

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