[Hot topic] Recognizing Gao Min'er to reduce conflict and improve relationship

The term Gao Miner is believed to be a topic of great concern to many parents.American psychologist Elaine Aron pointed out that about 20% of children are hypersensitive children.Gao Min'er's emotional ups and downs are large, and she is easily agitated by trivial things. His observation is subtle and sensitive, which makes it difficult for many parents to deal with and feels a headache!To get along and communicate with children and establish a good relationship, we must first understand and recognize the children's personality and characteristics.

Meet Gao Miner

Gao Min'er's 4 major characteristics

  1. Deep processing
  • Love to ask questions, often ask sharp questions
  • Will use words that are older than one's own age
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Consider all possibilities and act cautiously
  • Observe carefully before acting

2. Strong senses, easy to over-stimulate

  • After being over-excited, I couldn't fall asleep that night
  • Afraid of pain
  • When it is noticed, you can't exert its due strength
  • I want to change my clothes if they get wet or sand gets in
  • Keen intuition


Meet Gao Miner


3. Strong emotional response and strong empathy

  • Emotional reactions, such as happiness and depression
  • Have strong feelings and reactions to the atmosphere of certain occasions
  • Will notice the pain of others 

4. Perceive the subtlety

  • Very concerned about small physical and sensory stimuli
  • I often complain about clothes irritation, socks stitching or clothes trademarks are comfortable for everyone
  • Very sensitive to environmental odors
  • Often is aware of other people’s changes, such as changes in hairstyles

Source of information and pictures:

Hong Kong Children's Mental Health Center








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