[Good place on weekends] LEGOLAND Discovery Center Hong Kong (LEGOLAND Discovery Center Hong Kong)

Business hours

Play time

Monday to Sunday and public holidays: 10:00 - 19:00
(Last admission time: 18:00)
There is a 3-hour limit on play time during peak seasons and public holidays 

The Hong Kong LEGO® Discovery Center, known as the "LEGO® Super Indoor Playground", is located at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui, covering an area of ​​30,000 square feet. It will have 10 different LEGO® theme parks, including Castle Adventure and Racing Track. , 4D dynamic experience, Lego cafe and gift shop and other facilities

The new Mini World® is special in that more than one million Lego bricks are used in the venue to reproduce the many scenic spots in Hong Kong before everyone's eyes!Such as the Big Buddha, the Peak Tram, the Xiqu Center, etc., and even the bustling streets of Central. The detailed building blocks and design, plus the mini electric "ding-ding" tram and boat shuttle between the street and Victoria Harbour, with lifelike The life of the characters is varied, and the screen is like a "pocket world"!The lighting technology in the venue is equally wonderful, which is divided into day and night scenes. The bright day setting allows everyone to clearly observe every detail of the building block, while the night setting makes the environment gradually dim and light up the whole through the lights in the building blocks. The area can better reflect the unique and beautiful night view of Hong Kong, which is even more interspersed with projected fireworks in the night sky. The changeable space design makes many people happy to return!

Mini World®

LEGO® Racecourse provides large and small wheels and body parts for children to piece together LEGO racing cars and test the speed and jumping performance of the works on three different types of ramps!There is also a special earthquake test area on the other side to test how strong the buildings you build are through different earthquake intensities!

LEGO® Speedway

The most special one is the interactive facility "Castle Adventure", which allows you to ride a warrior's car and use a laser gun to aim at the monsters and demons to save the princess!

Castle Adventure

Another large-scale ride-on mobile game "Magic Turntable" allows everyone to come to the magic house of the magician Merlin. Passengers can control the flying height by quickly stepping on the pedals. The maximum height is up to 3 meters. Parents can ride in it with children. , Taste the thrill of flying through the air!

Magic turntable

In addition, there is a special LEGO® coffee house in the playground, providing hot and cold food and drinks, so that children can build LEGO® blocks and enjoy the food!

LEGO® Coffee House


LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Hong Kong - the ultimate indoor LEGO® Playground (https://www.legolanddiscoverycentre.com/hong-kong/)

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