[Good place for parents and children] MOKO park, a great place for electric discharge! Super long climbing wall to play

There is a new place where you can go to discharge with children!The 18,000-square-foot MOKO park! has already appeared.

A good place for discharging and fun, MOKO Park!

 MOKO park!amusementfacilityFun and exciting, its design concept is full of the characteristics of Mong Kok district, based on the famous Bird Street and Flower Market in Mong Kok; at the same time, it integrates the concept of animal and plant ecology and diversified environmental protection, entertaining and entertaining, including use in the "natural ecological zone" Simple pictures show the reproduction and growth process of parrots, recycling safety mats, mobile device charging facilities that promote renewable energy, and drinking fountains that utilize water resources, allowing children to play and learn.

A good place for discharging and fun, MOKO Park!

MOKO Park! The biggest highlight is definitely the "dynamic climbing world", which is nearly 50 meters long and the longest in Hong Kong. The super long climbing wall is full of challenges.The park also has large amusement facilities, an exploration tunnel composed of hills and caves, and 6 sets of criss-cross slides, bringing a new and exciting experience for children!

A good place for discharging and fun, MOKO Park!

For details, please visit MOKO Park! Official website:


MOKO playground!

Location: MOKO New Century Plaza L3 Floor

Opening hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm



Prince Edward Station B2

Mong Kok Station B3

Mong Kok East Station D


44 Tsing Yi Village

58X Leung King Village

59X Tuen Mun Ferry Pier

67X Siu Hong Court

93K Baolin

N293 Suntech

272X Tai Po Centre

293S Yin'ao Road, Hang Hau

Source of information and pictures:

New Town Education


New Century Plaza




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