[Tokyo Olympics.Hong Kong representative introduced.Sailing] Luo Yayi | NORTON Stephanie

Date of Birth: September 2000, 9
Age: 20
Sex : Female
Place of birth: Hong Kong


Professional athletes

language: English

Coach: Jamie Boag [Country]

Start: She started sailing at about eight or nine years old. (sportsroad.hk, April 2021, 4)

Reason: Her father served as a post brigadier general at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and encouraged her to try this sport. (sportsroad.hk, April 2021, 4)

Ambition: Participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (sportsroad.hk, April 2021, 4)

Source: Tokyo Olympics official website https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020, Tilu https://www.sportsroad.hk/archives/329281 

Instagram: @snort0n

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