[Education Hot Talk] Picnic must be watched! Check out the top 10 picnic places in Hong Kong

[Education Hot Talk] Picnic must be watched! Check out the top 10 picnic places in Hong Kong

If you want to get in touch with nature in the busy city, children can run around, and adults can eat, live, and chat?The best thing is to go on a picnic.Introduce you to the top 10 places for picnics in Hong Kong. There are large meadows and invincible sea views.


Cyberport Waterfront Park

The Cyberport Waterfront Park is a familiar picnic place. Its waterfront park has a beautiful environment and wide grassland. In addition, the park is a pet park, so many owners bring their pets for picnics. There is also an interactive playground on the west side of the park. A variety of sports facilities, let the whole family have fun.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

*Part of the Cyberport Waterfront Park will be temporarily closed to cope with the Cyberport expansion project.

Address: No. 100, Cyberport Road, Steel Wire Bay



Cyberport Waterfront Park


Cyberport Waterfront Park

Mountaintop park

The Peak Park is also a picnic spot. The park has a beautiful environment and is full of European style. After the picnic, go to the Lingxiao Pavilion to enjoy the scenery of Victoria Harbour. The itinerary is rich and unbeatable.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address:Mount Austin Road, Victoria Peak

Transportation: Take Bus No. 15 from Central Station to The Lingxiao Pavilion, and then walk to the park

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park

In addition to the large grassland suitable for picnics, the park also has different public facilities. There are also historic clock towers, four major courtyards and amusement facilities nearby. The sea breeze is very comfortable for picnics.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: North of Dongbian Street, Xiyingpan

Transportation: Exit A2 of Xiyingpan Station, walk for about 5-10 minutes


Kai Tak Runway Park

The Kai Tak Runway Park is located at the end of the runway of the former Kai Tak Airport. The park is equipped with a number of static facilities, including large lawns, viewing platforms, water gardens and fountain plazas.And you can enjoy the sea view of Victoria Harbour, the Lion Rock, Fei Ngo Shan and Lei Yue Mun in the distance.The parks are all pet parks, and you can bring and bury your pets together for a picnic for freehand leisure.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

Transportation: Exit A of Kowloon Bay Station, go to the underground bus terminal of Telford Plaza Phase II, and take the green minibus No. 86

Jordan Valley Park

Jordan Valley ParklawnVast area,There are different facilities in the park, such as a jogging track, a maze garden, and a remote-controlled model racing track, where adults and children can play for a whole day.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: No. 71, New Clear Water Bay Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Transportation: Take minibus 54S or bus 29M at Choi Hung MTR Station and walk for about 5 minutes to Shun Lee Disciplinary Services Dormitory


Nanchang Park

Nanchang Park has super large grassland and children's amusement facilities, so children can run as much as they want.The most attractive thing is of course during the flower viewing season, the yellow-flowered wind suzuki blooming in the garden is very beautiful, and it is definitely the choice for punching cards. 

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: 20 Sham Mong Road, Sham Shui Po

Transportation: MTR Nam Cheong Station Exit D1, walk for about 10 minutes

Kwun Tong Waterfront Park

Kwun Tong Waterfront Park is easily accessible and has a quiet environment. There is a lawn for picnics. You can also enjoy the sunset while walking along the coastal promenade at sunset.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: 80 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong

Transportation: Kwun Tong Station Exit A, cross apm, and walk for 15-20 minutes


Tai Po Waterfront Park

Tai Po Waterfront Park occupies a large area. In addition to picnic meadows, you can also ride bicycles and fly kites.The park provides a number of sports facilities, insect houses and a number of themed gardens. To add the charming scenery of Tolo Harbour, you must go for a picnic.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: Tai Fat Street, Tai Po, New Territories

Transportation: Tai Po Market MTR Station Exit B, then walk for about 30 minutes

Disin Lake

Dixin Lake near Disney is also a picnic spot. In addition to the beautiful environment, there are also many activities and supporting facilities, such as: boats and bicycle rental service boats, botanical gardens and children's playgrounds. 

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Transportation: You can take the R8 Escape Circle Line at the traffic interchange of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Tseung Kwan O Bicycle Park

Tseung Kwan O Bicycle Park is a diversified park, including: extreme sports fields, amphitheaters, jogging trails, sports climbing walls, children’s playgrounds, elderly fitness areas and model boat pools. The large lawn is for picnics and can also be placed. The kite, activities and play facilities are diversified, and there is no need to be bored.

10 great picnic spots in Hong Kong

Address: 105-107 Po Hong Road, Tseung Kwan O

Transportation: Exit B2 of Hang Hau MTR Station or Exit A1 of Tseung Kwan O MTR Station, walk for about 5-10 minutes

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