[Good place for parents and children] Play with rope nets, trampolines and slides from a hundred mosquitoes in the indoor playground

During holidays, planning to play with children requires both preparations for the itinerary. The so-called unpredictable weather will prevail in December.In addition to outdoor activities, going to the Playhouse can also be used for discharge, and parents can be more comfortable.This time we introduce 12 renwanIndoor playgroundPlease refer to it.

Xinghua Village Dreamland

The Dreamland Playground in Xinghua Village contains three elements, including the creation of a new experiential space through the contrast of light and shadow, music and art, and creative thinking, allowing children to learn, observe and share with each other spontaneously in different parks.

Arrived in the indoor playground

Arrived in the indoor playground

Arrived in the indoor playground


location:Xinghua Xincheng

Business hours:Monday to Friday 11am - 7pm / Saturdayand Sunday 11am - 8pm

Tsing Yi NOBI NOBI Dreamland

NOBI NOBI Dreamland is themed with a cute frog lotus pond, such as two exciting slides, lotus jet wave machine, rope net, foot piano, bouncing bed, screen slap game, LEGO, mini game machine, bomb bomb The horse waits.The game facilities are diverse and you can play for a full day.

Arrived in the indoor playground

Arrived in the indoor playground

Arrived in the indoor playground


Member membership $10

$20=24個幣;$100=85個幣 ;$200=200個幣; $500=540個幣; $50=40個幣(學生)

Weekday charges:

30 coins in 90 minutes

Enter 16 coins before 30:120 throughout the day 17 coins for admission after /00:100

Fees from Friday to Sunday, schools and public holidays:

30 coins in 120 minutes

Enter 16 coins before 30:180 the whole day / 17 coins for admission after 00:140

地點:青衣城1期1樓129-130 青衣站(A2出口)

Business hours: Monday to Thursday 10:30am -10pm / Friday to Sunday and public holidays 10am-10:30pm

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