[Hot Topic] A guide to picking up old clothes at the end of the year

Children grow up fast, and they will inevitably buy new shirts near Christmas and New Year. If you want to make more room in the closet, don’t you babble old shirts?You can send your old clothes to the recycling bin, and don't waste it, you can give it to others as you use it to teach children environmental awareness in life, and you can do three things with one stone.In fact, in addition to the used clothing recycling station in the Zuo community, there are many organizations and clothing brands in the market that carry out used clothing recycling operations.

Used clothes recycling


H&M is the world's first fashion retailer to launch a used clothes recycling program in its stores. The used clothes recycling program has been in operation since 2013.Moreover, H&M accepts clothing recycling of any brand, and its used clothing recycling box is usually next to the cash register.

Details: https://www2.hm.com/zh_hk/customer-service/product-and-quality/product-sustainability.html

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger cooperated with Redress to set up old clothes collection bins in 6 specialty stores in Hong Kong to support sustainable and recycling development. This old clothes recycling program will be carried out until June next year.

Used clothing recycling shop:

Shop 5, Level 520, Times Square, Causeway Bay

Shop 2, 293/F, Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing

Shop 2 and 2416, Level 2513, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui

Shop No. 1 on the 145st floor and Shop No. 2 on the 236nd floor of MOKO New Century Plaza, Mong Kok

Shop LG1-09, Festival Walk

Shop 2D, 369/F, Phase I, New Town Plaza, Shatin


ZARA will send the collected old clothes to cooperative organizations for sorting. Later, they may donate to non-profit organizations or groups, or they may change the old clothes into other textiles.

Details:  https://www.zara.com/hk/zt/z-stores-st1404.html


Used clothes recycling


UNIQLO’s recycling program only recycles UNIQLO products, and the donated clothes need to be washed before being sent to UNIQLO stores. This program will provide the recovered clothes to refugees, displaced persons, disaster victims, pregnant women and other people in need.

Details: https://www.uniqlo.com/hk/sustainability/refugees/recycle/

Used clothes recycling

Changchun Society

Changchun Club has been holding used clothes recycling activities to provide citizens with used clothes recycling facilities. Since 2006, Changchun News Agency has been appointed by the Home Affairs Department as one of the four "Community Used Clothes Recycling Bin Project" management agencies.Used clothing recycling services cover schools, housing estates, and government-administered facilities such as parks and community centers.

Details: https://www.cahk.org.hk/show_works.php?type=uid&u=34



Used clothes recycling

Friends of the Earth Hong Kong

Friends of the Earth in Hong Kong has implemented the "Used Clothes Recycling Project" in 2001, hoping to promote the message of "cherishing resources" and "reducing waste" in the community, and at the same time give away used clothes to those in need.At present, there are more than 200 used clothing collection points distributed throughout Hong Kong.



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