[Tokyo Olympics.Hong Kong representative introduced.Badminton] Deng Junwen | Tang Chun Man

Date of Birth: September 1995, 3
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Place of birth:Hong Kong


Professional athletes

Language: Cantonese

Coach: Tim He Yiming [Country], HKG

Hand: Left (sportsroad.hk, December 2017, 12)

Reason for starting to play badminton: He wants to play with his parents. (Bwfbadminton.com, April 2014, 4)

Ambition: Participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. (news.mingpao.com, November 2019, 11; hk.news.yahoo.com, May 23, 2021)

Tang Chun Man

Hero in mind: Chinese badminton player Zhang Nan. (Hong Kong Apple NextMedia YouTube channel, December 2017, 12)

He and his partner Xie Yingxue won the team event award at the 2019 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Sports Star Awards. (sportsroad.hk, April 2021, 4)



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