[Parent-child Christmas] Happy Christmas and DIY simple food at home

It is a universal Christmas, and you must be prepared to spend Christmas with your family.Have you ever experienced Christmas delicacies with children in a house-making business?It is not only a rare parent-child time, but also can train children's small hand muscles, make their favorite foods, and create unforgettable memories.Bring 4 simple and festive Christmas foods!

Cute Santa Marshmallow Skewers

DIY Christmas food

First wash the bananas and strawberry pears, cut them, string the fruit and marshmallows together, and then use chocolate to make the eyes and nose. This will become a cute Santa marshmallow skewers, which children will love.

Healthy exotic Christmas tree

DIY Christmas food

Kiwi is a very healthy fruit, used to make food, suitable for a family.

First peel the kiwi fruit and cut it into round slices. Put the most on the bottom layer, about 6 pieces, and then put it layer by layer. The higher the layer, the smaller the number of kiwi pieces.Cut one of the round kiwi fruits in half, place them on top, and decorate them with your favorite red fruit, and finally put the yellow fruit in the shape of a star on the highest point.

Funny gruffalo cookies

DIY Christmas food

The fragrance is delicious and the gruffalo cookies are proudly shaped.

Put sugar, butter, milk and cocoa into a pot and boil, cook for about 1 minute, then add vanilla, oatmeal and chocolate chips to the pot and mix thoroughly.Then use a spoon to scoop a spoonful and place it on butter paper. Before the cookie cools, place the peanuts on top of the cookie as a claw.

Santa claus pancake

DIY Christmas food

Fry the pancake for later use, then cut the banana into pieces and place it on the lower part of the pancake to become Santa’s beard.Then put the red mulberry on the top of the pancake and decorate it as a hat.Cut a red mulberry in half, put it in the middle for the nose, and cut the blueberry in half for the eyes, it becomes a delicious and eye-catching food.

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