[Handmade DIY zone] Parent-child hand-made time DIY Christmas wreath

At Christmas, everyone will decorate the houses and enterprises to add a festive atmosphere. Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths are indispensable holiday decorations. You can buy exquisite finished products in shops or online stores, but they are definitely not as unique as those made by yourself. This Christmas It's not like children DIY a unique Christmas wreath together!

DIY eco-friendly Christmas wreath


DIY Christmas wreath


Materials and tools:

Christmas ribbons, Christmas ornaments

Toys and fine-haired dolls at home


Newspapers and magazines


Transparent tape

White glue

Production process:

  • Wrap 1 hanger into a circle;DIY Christmas wreath
  • Roll the newspaper into a strip, wrap it around the hanger, and fix it with adhesive tape;DIY Christmas wreath
  • Wrap the newspaper to a certain thickness.
  • Wrap the Christmas ribbon on the hanger circle and fix it with tape to make the prototype of the Christmas wreath.

  • DIY Christmas wreath
  • Finally, use ribbons and prepared decorations to decorate the Christmas wreath with white glue or adhesive paper, and it is complete.
  •  DIY Christmas wreath


Simple version parent-child DIY Christmas wreath

Get DIY Christmas wreaths with the little friends. In the process, teach them to recognize different colors, learn to cooperate with each other, and train their concentration and mastery of small hand muscles.

DIY Christmas wreath

DIY Christmas wreath

Reference video: https://bit.ly/3y720w6

If you don’t want to bother to buy or search for materials, and you want to make a beautiful Christmas wreath with your children, you can click to enter and check it out.https://bit.ly/3dwW4mM Pick up a Christmas wreath that is your favorite!

DIY Christmas wreath

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