The XNUMXth International Children's and Youth English Recitation Contest (Winners Announced)

🏆 List of winners:

Early Childhood Group - Group A 

Champion :

Aarav Rahul Jhaveri

Ryan Liu

1st Runner Up :

Ho Wan Yee

2nd Runner Up:

Tsai Tsz Kiu Anson

Yeung Pok Yui Aidan

Outstanding Award:


Hui Pak Tsun


Leung Casandra Ka Shuen

Leung Chun Ping

Leung Chun Yan

Wong Yee Kei

WU Ka Chung

Early Childhood Group - Group B

Champion :

Chan Zander Wang Pok

Wan Yat Sum

1st Runner Up:

Leung Hei Yu Ellie

2nd Runner Up:

Su Ho Yui

Outstanding Award:

Lau Wing Yan

Leung Wai Ki

Maximus So

Pang Hei Yau

Wong Lam Chau

Early Childhood Group - Group C

Champion :

Kung Tsz Yau, Stella

1st Runner Up: 

Lam Shun Hei

2nd Runner Up:

Magdalene Maryse Shenyuz

Outstanding Award:

Chan Hei Man

Chung Cheuk Yan

Fung Tsz Shan

Mok Chun Lam 

Children's Group - Group D  

Champion :

Cheung Ka Wun

1st Runner Up:

WONG Seon Kei

2nd Runner Up:

Kwok Pui Ting

Outstanding Award:

Fan Wing Sze

Lo Ka Ying

Tsang Lam

Wu Sze Mei

Yip Chui Sha 

Children's Group - Group E 

Champion :

Pun Hon Man

1st Runner Up:

Chen Likai

2nd Runner Up:

Lai Hiu Yan

Outstanding Award:

Cheng Sze Kiu

Cheng Wing Kiu

Lee Hei Wing

Tse Pui Nam

Yip Hong Ching

Middle Child Group - Group F

Champion :

Wong Song En, Joanna

1st Runner Up:

Wong ka suen

2nd Runner Up:

Yau Long Shuen

Outstanding Award:


Ip Sin Yee

Kwan Mei Yee

Wong Yu Sum

Most Popular Award-Champion

Popularity Gold Award:

Wong Song En, Joanna

Junior Group - Group G 

Champion :

Cheung Hoi Lok

1st Runner Up:

Hui Yik Ling

2nd Runner Up:

Liao Shixin

Outstanding Award:

Lam Yan Yuet

Lee Wing Yin

Yung Cheuk Fei

Zhong Xiaoyun

** Tutor Award: Participants must fill in the name, email and phone number of their tutor/institution/school or education center for confirmation when registering; the name of the tutor/institution/school or education center will not be added after the results are announced

The competition has been held successfully, Congratulations again to all winners!

🏆 Awards:

All winners must complete the application for mailing a certificate/medal/trophy by May 9th.Parents and tutors can log in to their GASCA account to instantly download e-Certificates and view grading papers.

Congratulations to the winners again!

For those who failed to win the prize, please do not be discouraged. In fact, every contestant performed very well.

Build up your perseverance; and we look forward to seeing you again in our next competitions!⭐️