GASCA Japan Tokyo Music Competition (Second Round Selection)- String Group

(Announcement of winners)

🏆 List of winners:

Early Childhood Group - Group A 


Leung Ka Man

1st Runner Up :

Cheng Sze Kiu

2nd Runner Up:

Liu Wai Ling

Outstanding Award:

Cheung Hei Ching

Chow Tsz Hin

Li Wanyin

Mok Wing Laam

Yim Lok Wah

Children's Group - Group D

Champion :

Pak Chin Lam

1st Runner Up:

Coco Kwan 

2nd Runner Up:

Hsiao, Ping-Chin

Outstanding Award:

Ng Hoi Long

Sung Mei Yan

Tang Wing Chit

Wong Sum Ning

Youth Group - Group H


Mana Tsuruta

1st Runner Up:

Li Wing Yin

2nd Runner Up:

Ip Chun Long

Outstanding Award:

Chen Wai Shing

Hung Ka Yan

Lai Sze Wing

Wan Yin Ching

Yip Ka Chun

Open Group - Group J


Ho Chun Hong

1st Runner Up:

Kwong Ching Yau

2nd Runner Up:

Austin Lo

Outstanding Award:

Chan Ka Lun

Li Wai Lok

Monica Cheng 

Ng Long Kiu

Tam Pak Ying

** Tutor Award: Participants must fill in the name, email and phone number of their tutor/institution/school or education center for confirmation when registering; the name of the tutor/institution/school or education center will not be added after the results are announced

🏆 Awards:

All winners must complete the application for mailing a certificate/medal/trophy by May 12th.Parents and tutors can log in to their GASCA account to instantly download e-Certificates and view grading papers.

[Representing Hong Kong to Japan to participate in the finals]

Congratulations to the winners for being shortlisted to represent Hong Kong in the finals in Japan.The quality of the contestants was excellent.The preliminary round has participants from Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.The finals will be held in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Participants in the finals should complete the registration for the finals before November 12. Late submissions will not be accepted.Please click the link below to complete the finals registration process: 

Congratulations to the winners again!

Don't be discouraged by the children who did not win the award, in fact, everyone performed very well, remember to make persistent efforts and participate in different activities⭐️

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