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Emvee Gutierrez 

  professional singer

  Professional Singer

Emvee Gutierrez is a vibrant and enthusiastic professional singer. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a bachelor's degree in the Conservatory of Music. She is a Music Theater major with years of experience performing in various venues. Other than Broadway songs, she also performs pop, R&B, and jazz songs.

She's a multi-talented musician who has performed in recitals and plays. She is as well a voice coach to kids, teens and young adults at voice workshops, her students are around the global included USA, Finland, Canada, United Kingdom and more.

GASCA Music Competition: The judges will make a comprehensive score based on the contestants' performance skills, interpretation style, musical sense and stage appeal.

Each entrant will receive a separate score for each category, an overall score and a short comment from the judges.It is hoped that the contestants can gain encouragement and have a further understanding of their own performance characteristics and skills.I also hope that all children and young people will continue to develop their musical talents and enhance their self-confidence through music competitions. 🌟

GASCA Competition:
✔️ CLICK on the announcement day of the winners list to download the electronic certificates and papers instantly
✔️Every entrant isGet points and comments from reviewers
✔️Win trophies, medals and certificates
✔️Let children use their talents and enhance their self-confidence

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