​Successfully ended, congratulations again to all winners!A person

🏆 Awards:

**If the same score occurs in the Champions League, the contestants will also receive awards

** Due to the large number of participants, the participants who have won the participation award (below 69 points) will not be listed on the list of winners

** Tutor Award: Participants must fill in the name, email and phone number of their tutor/institution/school or education center for confirmation when registering; the name of the tutor/institution/school or education center will not be added after the results are announced

Click here to apply for tutor/school or education center awards:

🏆 List of winners:

Congratulations to the winners again!

For those who failed to win the prize, please do not be discouraged. In fact, every contestant performed very well.

Remember to keep working hard, participate in different activities, and continue to enjoy music for yourself and the people around you! ⭐️

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