Exclusive certificate, medal, trophy application

Due to factors such as printing cost, labor, transportation, etc., the Association was unable to quickly print a large number of awards/medals/trophies with personal names.The Association strongly recommends not to apply for the printing of exclusive awards/medals/trophies. If parents and teachers still hope that the awards/medals/trophies are printed with the names of the contestants, the association is still happy to provide this special service, but please note that the production time will take two to two to Three months, and an additional $300 handling fee is required.If you cannot wait, it is recommended to apply for a standard certificate/medal/trophy.Thank you for your support and understanding. The team will do its best to issue all awards as soon as possible.

The name of the winner will be printed on the exclusive certificate, medal and trophy.

After completing the application and payment, it will be mailed to the registered address within three months. Applicants should pay attention to the time required for production. If you cannot wait, it is recommended to apply for a standard certificate/medal/trophy

(The application must complete the following 2 steps)

**When filling in the mailing address, the name of the recipient must be the name of the contestant. If the applicant provides incorrect information, the system will not be able to identify the contestant and the mailing will be delayed. We are not responsible for this. Please forgive me.

Step 2-Complete payment steps: 

Each award winner needs to submit the form once (if the contestant has two awards, please pay twice separately)