​Successfully ended, congratulations again to all winners!A person

🏆Awards and prizes:

Champion (one), runner-up (one), third runner-up (one): the winner will receive a trophy and a certificate

Outstanding Awards and Most Popular Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards: Winners will receive a medal and a certificate

All contestants will be issued an e-participation certificate.

🏆 List of winners:

Under 3 years old group: 

4-5 years old group:

6-8 years old group:

9-11 years old group:

12-14 years old group:

15-17 years old group:

Congratulations to the winners again!

The children who have not won the prize are not discouraged. In fact, everyone is so creative.

Remember to make persistent efforts, participate in different activities, and continue to be creative! ⭐️

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