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Christmas Diffuse Stone Workshop
Christmas Diffuse Stone Workshop
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Workshop details:

  • Finished product: Christmas diffuser stone (deer Christmas clock pendulum X1 + angel diffuser stone X1)
  • Location: GASCA Studio Central / Kwun Tong
  • Material: Gypsum powder
  • Time required: 2.5 hours
  • Price: $ 680 
  • Now add $250 to bring the same child or teenager under the age of 18 to participate, share a material, and enjoy parent-child time
  • The diffused stone itself has no fragrance, you can add your favorite fragrance freely, or simply use it as a decoration.
  • You can put the diffuser stone in the place where you need to diffuse the incense or like decorations (in the room, in the carriage... etc.).
  • The scent persistence depends on the size of the space, and the scent lasts for about 5-7 days.
  • If you want to change the fragrance, you can add your favorite essential oils, fragrances or perfumes after the fragrance disappears.
  • It is recommended to spray or apply from the back of the diffused stone to avoid water marks or color affecting the appearance of the diffused stone.
  • If the diffuser product contains dried flowers, please place it in a dry space to prevent the dried flowers from becoming moldy due to dampness.
  • The workshop places are limited, so sign up now!

Registration procedure:

Select the number of participants below> select the time slot> complete the payment> receive the confirmation email in the email> attend the workshop on time


Christmas early bird discount is coming to an end

  • +852 5437 8305

  • Junction of Queen's Road Central and Pottinger Street, Central


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