[Hot topic] I don’t think my children will be turned into a lower-headed grandmother who makes a move "restricted telephone use order"

I believe that every parent does not want children to become head-downers and use smart phones for a long time.

Restrict children's use of the phone

A foreign mother asked her 14-year-old daughter to hand over her mobile phone after 8:XNUMX in the evening.According to reports, after her daughter handed over her phone as usual, she placed it on the floor of her mother’s room for charging. However, her mother carefully saw the phone on the ground and found that she was cheated. She opened the phone case and saw a picture with two black circles and a picture. Paper with pink background.It turned out that my daughter’s trick was to put the charging cable on the bottom of the phone case to make the phone look as if it was charging.

Restrict children's use of the phone

In today's society, smart phones seem to have become a necessity in life. How do parents know when to use the phone and give them time to use the phone?Psychologist Mike Brooks has the following tips for parents to refer to:

Restrict children's use of the phone


  • At the beginning, give your children older mobile phones instead of smart phones. These phones have fewer functions, but they can communicate with their children and reduce the chance of children indulging in smart phones.
  • Use the loan mode to give smart phones to children.Let them understand that if they do not manage their smart phone habits properly, the right to use smart phones may be suspended for a few days.
  • It is recommended that parents and their children set up rules for the use of the "Three Chapters of the Agreement" so that they can develop a good habit of using smartphones.

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