The 52nd International Cantonese Recitation Competition for Children and Youth (Winner Announcement)

🏆 List of winners:

Early Childhood Group - Group A

Champion :

Liu Keming

1st Runner Up:

Yuan Changxi

2nd Runner Up:

Yung Wun Yan

Distinction Award :

Cheng Yee Yan

Chiu Wai Ching

Lam Wai Yan

Li Tsz Ching

Tse Yee Yan

Early Childhood Group - Group B

Champion champion:

Yuan Changwei

1st Runner Up:

Rong Zixi

2nd Runner Up:

Lum Tsz Hin

Distinction Award :

Lai Tsz Ching

Lo Wai Yan

Siu Yee Yan

Yip Tsz Yan

Wang Qixi

Early Childhood Group - Group C

Champion :

Qian Ziyao

1st Runner Up:

Ko Wai Yan

2nd Runner Up:

Wan Ka Shing

Distinction Award :

Chau Tsz Yan

Cheng Tsz Yan

Cheung Wai Yan

Ko Wai Yan

Tsang Yee Yan

Children's Group - Group D

Champion :

Li Junqian

1st Runner Up:

Wu Xinyue

2nd Runner Up:

Zhai Xiyue

Distinction Award :

Ng Wai Yan

Mok Yee Yan

Lee Wai Yan

Lau Tsz Ching

Ho Yee Yan

Li Zhuoyong

** Tutor Award: Participants must fill in the name, email and phone number of their tutor/institution/school or education center for confirmation when registering; the name of the tutor/institution/school or education center will not be added after the results are announced

The competition has been held successfully, Congratulations again to all winners!

🏆 Awards:

Congratulations to the winners again!

Awarded or not, you have demonstrated your own unique style and creativity, and these are achievements to be proud of and celebrated.

🏆Application for mailing Certificate/Medal & Trophy

Application for certificates/medals/trophies by mail

All winners must complete the application by May 4.Parents and tutors can log in to the GASCA account to download the e-certificate immediately, view the score sheet and apply for mailing of the certificate/medal/trophy.

🏆Application for International Instructor Award

 Distinguished Mentor Award Application

The Association has established the Outstanding Mentor Award, hoping to recognize the outstanding performance of the mentors in the competition and win the awards under the outstanding teaching of their students.All winning contestants in the competition can apply for awards for their mentors. 

Let us pay tribute to the winners of the "Outstanding Tutor Award", thank them for their contributions to the cause of education, and look forward to their continuous innovation and continued efforts for the growth and success of students.

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