2023 Children and Youth Coloring and Drawing Competition

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Participate in both coloring and drawing competition, enjoy 50% off on the second comeptition! 

Please pay the entry fee first, registration form will be sent to the registered email after payment is completed:


competition theme
#1: Mid-Autumn Festival: 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival coloring and painting competition, let children inspire creativity while having fun, and let's draw their favorite things for Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Coloring pattern:
#1: Mid-Autumn Festival - Click here to download the coloring pattern (Just choose one finished work)

Rich prizes:

The champion winners of each group will receive GiorgioneⓇexquisite 24-color crayons!

Important Dates:
Closing date for application: June 2023, 9 | Deadline for uploading: June 30, 2023 | Winner announcement date: July 10, 1

Competition fee: $290 / Participate in two competitions at the same time, half price for the second competition!
Competition Groups: Grouped by Age, Toddler/Children/Children/Middle Children/Junior/Youth and Open Group (Click here for details of the grouping)
Registration procedure: Pay the entry fee on this website → Receive the registration form and confirm the registration by email → Upload the work to the designated website

The entry fee does not include the fees for medals/trophies.

*In order to ensure that the work is owned by the participant, a photo of the participant and the work must be uploaded at the same time when submitting the work.


Enrich life with culture and arts; improve perseverance skills


The e-certificate is given to all participants on the award announcement day


Win Trophy and arts supplies

Rich prizes:

The champion winners of each group will receive GiorgioneⓇexquisite 24-color crayons!  

Award-winning works collection:

Winners of champion, runner-up and third runner-up will be printed in the GASCA annual award-winning works collection 

Winners of past competitions:

Coloring contest pattern: 

Competition rules: 
  • Tools and paints are not limited, contestants can freely choose wooden colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, watercolor, opaque watercolour, acrylic etc., but photos or computer-generated images are not accepted.
  • There is no limit to the size of the drawing paper
  • Contestants are encouraged to use a variety of paints to create, and to add creative handcrafts.
  • Each contestant can only submit one work, and the same work can only be submitted once.
  • Once submitted, the entries cannot be modified, exchanged or returned.
  • A photo of the contestant and the work needs to be uploaded
  • Participants must not have participated in other competitions in their videos/works.Anyone who publishes, publishes or publishes the entries in public newspapers, online or other competitions in any form before the announcement of the results of the competition will be disqualified from the competition.

Scoring criteria:

Creativity (40%) - Originality of the work - Unique personal style - Combining creativity and different materials/media to create the artwork
Drawing/coloring skills (20%) - Master the presentation of the shape and texture of the objects in the artwork - The sense of balance when creating the work - Control of light and shadow, bright parts and reflective parts - Present the texture of the surface through the uses of line
Color usage (20%) - Vividness of color usage - Distribution of color layers - Create mood and to express an emotion through the usage of color
Composition of work (20%) - The distinction between major and minor elements - Coordination of overall composition
The judge will give the scores based on the above criteria.
The results of the competition will be calculated based on the average score of the judges.
Decisions of the judge is final and cannot be challenged.


  • Champion, First runner-up and Second runner-up (one each):Winners will receive an e-certificate and eligible to apply for a trophy.
  • Distinction Award (85 points or above):Awarded to contestants with distinction performance, winners will receive an e-certificate and eligible to apply for a medal..
  • Outstanding Award (70 points or above):Contestants who have achieved outstanding performance will receive a certificate and eligible to apply for a medal.
  • Participation Award: All contestants will be issued an e-participation certificate.
  • Asia Instructor Award for Active Participation (Silver Award)Instructors who invite five students to participate in each group of competitions will receive an e-certificate, eligible to apply for a trophy and USD30/HKD250/JPY3800 cash reward.
  • Asia Instructor Award for Active Participation (Gold Award): Instructors who invite ten students to participate in each group of competitions will receive an e-certificate, eligible to apply for a trophy and USD65/HKD500/JPY7600 cash reward.  
  • Asia Outstanding Instructor Award:Awarded to the instructors whose student won the championship, first runner-up and second runner-up, the instructor will receive an e-certificate and eligible to apply for a trophy.  
  • Asia Outstanding Education Award: The school/education center invites ten or more students to participate in each group of competitions and will receive a certificate and a trophy (the school/education center needs to submit the award application form)  
  • If the judges believe that the contestants in this group have not reached the award-winning level, no award ranking and prizes for that ranking will be awarded. All contestants will receive e-certificates by email. Champion, First runner up and second runner up winners can apply for the tailor-made trophy with their name printed on it with a fee of USD40/HKD300/JPY4600. Distinction and Outstanding Award winners are eligible to apply for the tailor-made medal with their name printed on it with a fee of USD40/HKD300/JPY4600. The rest of the winners may upgrade their e-certificate to hard copy (paper) certificate at USD15/HKD120/JPY1800. Shipping fee would be charged separately according to the local postal fee or international postal fee. It is highly advised that contestants shall consider the production time required before applying for any of the above extra services.

** Participants must fill in the name, email and phone number of the tutor/institution/school or education center for confirmation during the registration; the name of the tutor/institution/school or education center cannot be added after the results are announced.

Other conditions :

  • Entries must not contain obscene, violent, pornographic, slanderous, unhealthy, insulting elements, or any content that is controversial and inappropriate.
  • The organizer reserves the right to reject entries that are inappropriate, irrelevant to the theme of the competition, or submitted in the incorrect format.
  • Entries cannot contain commercial or political promotion elements.
  • Entries must be original and will not infringe the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights, rights of confidentiality or privacy). Any violation of the rules will be disqualified from participating or winning. If the entries violate any laws, all legal responsibilities will be borne by the contestants, and the organizer will not be held responsible.
  • Application of minor contestants must obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians to register for the competition and submit entries through their parents or guardians.
  • Contestants are strictly prohibited from falsely reporting their age. If the contestant's registration qualifications are found to be inconsistent with the true age, the contestants will be disqualified and no refund for the entry fee will be offered.
  • Contestants (including parents and teachers of minor contestants) must understand and agree to the rules and regulations of this competition. If a contestant violates any competition rules, the organizer and the judging committee have the right to disqualify their enrollment.
  • The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of the general rules and regulations of the competition. If there is any dispute about this event, the organizer's ruling shall be the final ruling, and no one may object. In case of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions, the Chinese language version shall prevail.

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