[Education Hot Talk] 4 Tips to Improve Children's Concentration

"Can you concentrate on it?", "Sit down quietly for a while!" I believe that many parents often talk about these words.Today’s social life is fast-paced, especially in Hong Kong. Adults and children are as busy as adults and children. They are busy with work, homework, and after-school studies. There are so many things that need to be dealt with. If you can improve children’s concentration, you can more or less help them face it. Study and deal with homework problems.

Improve children's concentration

4 tips to improve children's concentration

Everything starts from daily life and changes the little details of life.

1. Set goals

Assist your children to recognize their tasks and tasks, and then set clear and easy-to-reach goals; if there are several things that need to be dealt with at the same time, help them arrange the order of tasks and focus on one thing at a time.

2. Living environment

Interference from the external environment is one of the major factors that affect concentration. When children are dealing with their immediate goals, eliminate all interference factors including TVs, smartphones, game consoles, etc., so that they can concentrate.

3. Regular work and rest

Studies have pointed out that if young children go to bed later than 11 o'clock in the evening, or have irregular work and rest, the chance of having concentration problems at the age of 8 is 1.62 times higher.

Improve children's concentration


4. Leisure and entertainment

Reduce the time spent on daily watching TV or using smart electronic products, because the screens of TV programs change rapidly, which will burden children and young people's concentration, and will damage their concentration and ability to absorb information in the long run.

Parents can play some games to train concentration with their children, such as "information", board games, puzzles, etc. At the same time, more outdoor activities and exercises are required. Aerobic fitness exercises such as running, swimming, hiking, etc. can also promote brain development , Physical fitness can improve concentration, and can increase the time to get along and communicate, and enhance parent-child relationship.

Improve children's concentration

Tips: Mini games to train concentration

Hand-made DIY to cultivate concentration

Hand-made DIY not only trains children to shoot small hand muscles, displays their creativity and shows their artistic side, but also trains them to concentrate and focus on one thing in the process of making interesting handicrafts.

Improve children's concentration

Table games cultivate concentration

This is a children’s board game that trains concentration, memory, imagination and oral expression. Choose some simple and easy-to-understand board games for children to learn as soon as they play and increase their interest.

Simple picking beans game

The purpose of this game is to teach children to "pick out the right objects in the right place."For example, you can ask your child to pick out red beans → mung beans → soybeans from a plate of three kinds of beans mixed with red, green, and soybeans, and sort them into three plates.

Improve children's concentration

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